This plugin is not maintained anymore. Please read my article about it.

However, the documentation webstie will stay up, and PHP-Dynamics documentation website will stay up too, with the associated source code repository.

Welcome to sfDynamicsPlugin homepage

Welcome on sfDynamicsPlugin homepage. This symfony plugin aims to revolution the way javascript is used in symfony projects. It supports extensible configuration, library dependances, stylesheets, i18n, themes, packing, caching, and much more. To have a detailed explanation of each features, please take a look at the documentation.

This plugin is not bound to a specific javascript framework, but instead provides an easy way to use set of scripts alltogether. For now, only configuration files for jQuery, jQuery UI, Prototype, Scriptaculous and ExtJS are provided, but our XML based configuration system allows to create different configuration packages describing how each framework interacts with each of their associated libraries.


  • Dependencies management
  • Javascripts/stylesheets packing
  • Caching
  • Static cache of grouped assets
  • I18N*
  • Themes*
  • Supports all javascript frameworks**
  • Dynamic javascript*


To get started right now, you should have a look at the tutorial to understand what the plugin aims at, and what it does not solve. To dive in sfDynamics secrets, take a look at the full documentation.


Installing the plugin is easy, and can be done either by using the latest revision of the git repository, or by installing the latest tarball release.


A good way to get started too is to take a look at the examples on the right.

(*) Feature under development.
(**) For now, configuration files are bundled for jQuery, jQuery UI, ExtJS, Prototype and Scriptaculous. You need to write configuration files to use other frameworks.

Symfony live 2009 - French conference

Good JavaScript development practices and sfDynamics

For french readers, here are Fran├žois and Romain conference slides at symfony live 2009 (paris).